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The valued authenticity

The valued authenticity

In an artificial and manipulative world of appearances, success belongs not to the most efficient, but to the most authentic. There is a simple relationship between branding ethics and the level of public trust in the brand.


A lot has been written about branding, but it is always good to recall that only a brand built on real values can remain credible throughout the product lifecycle.


Creating a brand based on values (authentic branding) gives almost inexhaustible strength because of its honesty towards the consumer. Authentic branding allows you to present all the values of your company and your product or service in a reliable way so that the recipients of your brand know in an instant why they want to follow it. They can understand in the blink of an eye what to expect.


The brand image based on actual values is stable and will never radically change. It is real, so it can always develop itself. It provides a consistent brand experience on many levels. It is worth remembering that consumers do not buy any product in isolation from the brand. Neither do they buy the brand in isolation from the product. Paying attention to the combination of both the product and the brand – the value of the product and the emotional value of the brand – is key. Authentic branding permeates the product / service, always remaining 100% legible. Clearly showing the brand in a physical and virtual reality is crucial.

Therefore, the message you give to the world should be based on communicating the values that you actually offer, and pointing to the real needs that you, as a company, can satisfy. Put them in the right words and present them in such a way that they fully meet the truth and are attractive to the recipient, that will allow you to gain the confidence of the target group and provide you with the lasting sympathy of your clients. Most importantly, it will provide you with their loyalty over time.


The best example of success associated with a consistent and well thought-out branding is the Apple brand. For years, it has remained at the forefront of the branding charts and enjoyed both recognition and loyalty of its customers, constantly driving the sales up. This is undoubtedly the result of authentic branding based on real values.


Do not let this intimidate you. Apple was created in a garage, while you have an entire branding studio at your disposal. The case of the Apple brand shows the benefit of looking for real values and thinking about them at the stage of building a communication strategy that can be perfectly incorporated into the business strategy and therefore ensure brand longevity.